Frequently Answered Questions:

What is EasyCoin?

EasyCoin is an easy to use browser based Bitcoin wallet.
We aim to provide usability and security at the same time.

Are there any fees on EasyCoin?

We do not charge any fees except for the transaction fees on the bitcoin network.

Is EasyCoin easier than the standard client?

EasyCoin is as simple and easy as possible, we have a very minimalistic interface which should be easy to understand for most people.

Is it more secure than the standard client?

With the standard client you will need alot of knowledge about how to protect your wallet.dat file, which is basically impossible for most normal people who do not run multiple PCs, virtualization software, encryption tools etc.
Also if you do not do regular backups on the standard client, there is a high risk of loosing your coins.
On EasyCoin we take care of all that, protecting your bitcoin funds while all you have to do is keep your password and optionally transaction PIN in a safe place.

How does EasyCoin protect my bitcoins?

We are using encrypted bitcoin wallets, hard disk encryption, SSL certificates and a hardened webserver for maximum security of your Bitcoins.
We also do daily encrypted backups to different offsite locations worldwide.
Most bitcoins arent even stored on the webserver, we store them on an impossible to hack offline wallet.

What happens if i lose my password?

Dont lose your password or transaction PIN! We do not have password recovery functions for security reasons. (Most accounts get hacked these days using weak password recovery functions)
We recommend you write down your password and if you have it enabled also your transaction PIN on a piece of paper and store it securely.

Can i get a new bitcoin address?

To keep it simple we only support one address per account, but you are free to open as many accounts as you wish!